Testimonials ForKenny Silva

Not Your Average REALTOR

Quick – think about the word “Realtor”. What comes to mind? Stodgy, old, commission-seeking hucksters of property? Yeah, me too.

That is, until I met Kenny. Kenny completely redefines what it means to be a Realtor. He defines “service”, and not in a restaurant counter way – he lives to *serve* his clients, working tirelessly to bring volumes of value to who he works with. Kenny has a dedication to honesty and integrity unlike anything I’ve ever seen. These core principles are juxtaposed against a keen business and market savvy and a love and understanding of technology. Wrapped up in a dynamic and exciting package, Kenny blows my mind every time we speak.

I’m spoiled. I’ve had the opportunity to spend a good deal of time with Kenny on a regular basis, and every time we’re together, I leave better for it. Do yourself a favor – get time with Kenny now, you’re going to be very glad you did.